12 iulie 2014

We are birds...

"...passing by our sky
drift of words...
with that breathes in our wings
makes us fly through our life
and our dreams
with such hopes and feelings...

Just one blow
and we're gone
to what space
we don't know...

It's a chase
of a clock
that somewhere
out of dark
counts our days
till remains
none to spare...
We should never mind
world we leave behind...
It's a closing eye
only in our mind
but we're also blind
not seeing the light:
Love...as only guide
rising from inside...

Prisoners of thoughts,
guilty of this crime,
we are only dots,
in a phase of time...

We are steps on a stair
to mistakes and despair...
only wounds
in our trace,
emptiness on our face...
poor bowls
filled with souls and madness...!
So, we live life insane
and then leave as we came,
in a swing,
from up there
worm embrace of a wing
peaceful place
which has grace
to share..."

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Dacă tot ai ajuns aici, ia loc. E o bancă ceva mai încolo, sub un cireș. E mereu înflorit, așa îl văd eu. Un vânt primăvăratic îi poartă petalele în zbor. Clătește-ți privirea cu frumusețea din jur. Inspiră, expiră...TRĂIEȘTI! E tot ce contează. Uneori cuvintele sunt de prisos, trăirile primează.

Îți mulțumesc pentru popas. O zi de vis!